The things you own end up owning you.” This is a line of Brad Pitt in his movie the Fight Club, that most of us can resonate with. Each one of us has hoarded something, at some point in or life, that we think and feel important and valuable. There are things we do not want to throw away because we have been emotionally attached to the memories we had with these things, whether these are equipment, furniture, or the old paper bills and tickets. There are things that are valuable, yes, but sometimes we just need to liberate ourselves from the chains of the past and the memories to start fresh and anew. And when I say “liberate,” there are a lot of ways to do this like giving them as a donation or hire Brockton Dumpster Company to do the job… just remove them from your life. 

1.Old, unused and used paint 

We all had old paint cans that we store in the basement, thinking they could aid us from the cracked, scratched and chipped of the walls. However, when you already have painted the wall with a different color, it is time to throw them away. Throw anything unusable You can visit to seek for a place or some disposal company that will safely dispose of the old paints on your behalf.  

2.Old books 

I know. This can be quite hard, and you need to be mentally and emotionally ready to do this especially when the books have already had a place in your heart. However, when these books have gone unread for several years already, you now need to donate them to make them useful. So, go on and donate the books to people who will find entertainment from these books, as what the books are designed to do. 

3.Any plastic containers 

Especially for mothers, there is a need to hoard and collect old jars, Snapware, Tupperware, or any plastic containers. Even if these containers are slightly broken, warped, and some even have holes, and missing lids, some mommies cannot just simply throw them away. Now, mommies, you need to be a bit brutal. Go over your collection and decide which are worthy to keep, and throw away the rest. 

4.Old, broken mugs and cups 

Even if this kitchenware does have sentimental value, you need to get rid of them when they have become unused and too broken to use. You open the cabinet and you see the collection of mugs and cups over the years. While this might look touching and very senti, hoarding things inside your cupboard is not practical space-wise. Get rid of them in the proper management of disposal and buy a new set. It will give you that liberating feeling. 

5.Baby Items 

There are baby items that expire, some also just need to be donated especially when you do not have any plan on having babies anymore. Jumpers, strollers, or baby clothes – donate them to who needs them. 


Some things are difficult to let go but to have a fresh start of life, getting rid of something that connects you to the past will be the first liberating step you can do.